A Word from Bro. Mike…

September 13, 2017
       This past weekend we watched as another Hurricane came through Florida, into Georgia and Alabama and destroyed property, flooded homes and businesses and interrupted life for millions of people. It was only a few days before that Texas and Louisiana experienced much of the same devastation affecting millions. Our gas prices went up, bread and milk were in short supply in areas, and some lost electricity mostly through limbs falling on power lines. Needless to say, most of us were, at the most, just inconvenienced by the storm. 
       We are touched by the needs of so many and what can we do to help? Alabama Baptist Churches are taking part in the Myers Mallory State Missions Offering this week. This offering funds the Disaster Relief work and many other ministries that begin right here in our State and reach out to help and encourage others in need or by training them. In addition, any Hurricane Relief offering given through First Baptist Church of Vincent to the State Board of Missions in Montgomery will be used one hundred per cent to help people with nothing held out for administration. If we buy supplies to send, we then have to get them transported to the areas of need but our dollars can buy large quantities of needed items and transport them with the teams going to serve. Mary and I have given through First Baptist Church of Vincent because I appreciate your great attitude toward helping others in the Name of Jesus.
       This Sunday morning I will preach a message entitled “What Pastor Mika Should Expect From the First Baptist Church of Vincent “. The text will be I Timothy 5:17-21. On Sunday night the message will be ” The Word of God” from II Timothy 3:12-17. Next Sunday morning, Lord willing, I will preach on ” What First Baptist Church of Vincent Should Expect from Pastor Mika”. These two Sunday morning messages may be the most important that I have preached and I hope every member will make an attempt to be here. Don’t forget Sunday School and be ready to welcome your new Pastor in October. See you in church 
Bro. Mike
P.S. Bro. Mike will be preaching next Sunday morning September 24 at FBC Childersburg for their Homecoming.  He will be back with us Sunday Evening at 6 pm.  Bro. Frank Sims and his wife, Frances will be with us on the 24th for our 11 am service.