Choose Hope

Choose Hope

God welcomes and promises to help those who bring their pain to Him.

Psalm 42:1-11Psalm 43:1-5

A lament is an expression of sorrow or complaint. About one-third of the psalms fall into this category, which tells us that God welcomes these kinds of prayers from His children. In fact, they’re an essential component of communication with the Lord, just like praise, worship, confession, and intercession. Our cries may be full of ache, anger, and confusion, but the One who made us isn’t surprised or offended by our messy, unfiltered words and emotions.

Many scholars believe that Psalms 42 and 43 were at one time a single song. In these two chapters, we find lament interspersed with a refrain that occurs three times: “Why are you in despair, my soul? And why are you restless within me? Wait for God, for I will again praise Him for the help of His presence, my God” (Ps. 42:5; Ps. 42:11; Ps. 43:5).

After a painful, real recounting of his circumstances, the psalmist includes a repeated chorus that preaches His truths to our heart and encourages us to hope in God. It’s a reminder that we can honestly tell the Lord about our circumstances—and that trusting Him is a choice we can make, even during our darkest days.

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