The Spring Creek Baptist Church was founded in 1845 near Vincent, Alabama.  The church erected its first building in 1849 in the Elliott Settlement.  Within a few years the church relocated its meeting place to a more spacious building near Bailey Spring.  In those early years the church exhibited support for education and missions.

In 1895 the church occupied the present worship center after the congregation voted to relocate to “town.”  The old Spring Creek Church building was torn down and some of the timbers used in the present building.  The church changed its name to Vincent Baptist Church and later took the name of First Baptist Church Vincent.  Since that time other property and buildings were added.  Recently a complete renovation of facilities enhances both worship and Christian education.

Over the years the church has emphasized spiritual growth among its members and outreach to the community.  The church enjoys a vibrant, unified fellowship that seeks to bring glory to God in all aspects of ministry.