Jesus Overcomes Resistance in His People

“Jesus Overcomes Resistance in His People”

Mark 6:1-56

1.Jesus Overcomes Unbelief (vv.1-13)

Unbelief – unbelief is a choice not to follow the light you have received.
*Familiarity leads to unbelief. Unbelief leads to a shallow relationship with God and you do not experience God.
*Only 2 places Jesus was astonished (amazed, Marveled)
*Unbelief is the most prevalent besetting sin in OT (Hebrews 3)- people who had seen the miracles
*You can grow up with all the info and not believe…unbelief is a choice not to follow the light you have received. (Judas)

2.Jesus Overcomes Our Sin (vv.14-29)

*Habitual Sin – when we surrender to sin and do not even fight it much less kill it.
*Herod’s palace was like the world – entertainment and worldly passing pleasure – chasing things.
See to it, brothers and sisters, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God. Hebrews 3:12

3. Jesus Overcomes Hidden Resentment (vv.30-56)

*The disciples have seen the miracles but now are walking with Jesus in ministry. They are having to deal with people problems and expectations.
*We are always battling against unbelief and sin

a. John (the greatest among men) Jesus allowed to be killed.
b. Jesus fed the people that could probably have gotten home ok.
c. The disciples did not understand the miracles’ primary purpose was not just to meet human need but to reveal Gods glory.

How Does Jesus Do this? (Overcome Resistance)
1.Jesus is patient with us (he works with you, when you understand this, it should soften your heart)
2.Jesus will come to you (v.45) Jesus saw them struggling with the oars
3.Jesus defends his own (he prays for us. Advocates for us) In ch.7 the disciple are accused by the Pharisees and Jesus defends them.

Takeaway: We all battle unbelief and sin at times…we all get confused and disappointed and our hearts become hard, cold, or just distant (hurt). He will not leave you alone if you reach out.