July 1, 2020

Hey Everyone,

Doing It God’s Way

I had to meet a friend in Childersburg and I saw a store called “Sweet Pickens”. All of you know that this is a nice store where people rent booths and sell furniture and many other things. As I walked around the store, I heard Christian music playing. On the way out I told the owner I’m sure my wife will be in the store since we are moving to Vincent.

I then thanked her for playing the Christian music. She told me when she bought the store, she told the lease owner that the music would change to honor God. She fully understands that everything that good happens to her and “Sweet Pickens” depends upon God’s blessing. Also, I believe she really loves the Lord and just wants to honor Him. I told her never change, God would honor every act of obedience. Jesus said, “If you love me obey me.” John 14:15. Obedience not only honors God but brings great blessing to us.

For His Glory

Sunday’s Sermon Title: How to Save America
Scripture: Jeremiah 18