June 17, 2020

Hey Everybody,

As we go forward as a church, our greatest challenge will be our own spiritual growth. Scripture makes it clear that we must “make every effort” to attain Godliness. Why? Because salvation is not just a name one day in heaven, but a mission to the King. The difference between these two mindsets is crucial. God never asks his church to be complacent or reactive but zealous and proactive. We should be like the song, “Onward Christian Soldier.”

We are going to do something for our past music minister, Wayne Linderman, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Also, even though I did not know him personally, the local UPS driver was tragically killed last week. Let’s be in prayer for these two families and please be in prayer for the next music pastor and outreach pastor. We need everyone praying in one accord for God’s will.

For His Glory,


Sunday’s Sermon Title: The Father That Leads
Scripture: Deuteronomy 1:31