June 3, 2020

Hey Church Family,
I cannot tell you how good it was to see everyone this past Sunday. I also recognize we had many regulars that were not there as well, due to the current circumstances. It is so good to have people worshipping together. This is what the Bible calls real Biblical fellowship. It is a shared experience that can only happen when people are together. Social media is good for certain things, but it can never replace the human element.
Be in prayer for who God has in mind for the next Worship Pastor and Outreach Pastor. These are not just slots to fill, but ministries that are vitally important to the overall advancement to God’s Kingdom.
I also want to say to the Jackson family and all those related to them, we are so sorry for the passing of Eddie Jackson. He was still so young, and had accomplished so much heading up important research in hospitals and Universities. Let us pray for his family and God’s comfort for them through the power of the Holy Spirit.

For His Glory,

Sunday’s Sermon Title – Real Worship
Scripture – Ezra: 3