August 27, 2023

Order of Service          Prelude                                              Instrumental                                      Pianist         Call to Worship Hymn #666  “We Have Come Into His House” Choir         Welcome                                                                                                                Bro. Robbie Weems         Hymn #66                      “Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord”          Prayer                                                                                                      […]

The Priority of Obedience

The Priority of Obedience John 14:23-26 23 Jesus said, “The one who loves Me will obey My teaching. My Father will love him. We will come to him and live with him. 24 The one who does not love Me does not obey My teaching. The teaching you are now hearing is not My teaching […]

Unlimited Classroom

Unlimited Ministry now available! We are growing in how we include families who have special needs. Please let us know ahead of time how we may accommodate your needs. We want you to worship and grow with us. Learn More