Sermon Notes

Holy Spirit and Prayer

Message Title: The Spirit of Jesus and Prayer  Message Truth: The Holy Spirit is the Silent Shepherd  Message Text: John 3:1-8  Three Truths About How

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Truth and Prayer

Message Title: Truth and Prayer  Message Truth: The battle to pray is not mainly against prayerlessness but a battle against discouragement, cynicism, and unbelief.  Message

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Treasure the Truth

Message Title: Treasure The Truth  When you take freedom for granted, not only do you disrespect the people who died to attain it, but you

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The War On Truth

Message Title: The War On Truth — Four Lies that Ruined the World  Message Truth: Satan’s motive is murder; his method is a lie.  Message

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The Cross Roads of Belief

Message Title: The Crossroads of Belief  Message Truth: Without faith it is impossible to please God.” Hebrews 11:6  Message Text: Mark 9:14-29   I. What Faith

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Experiencing God By Faith

Message Title: Experiencing God by Faith  Message Text: Acts 16:16-32  Message Truth: Biblical faith leads to a total salvation.    “Believe– pisteuson (receiving truth that

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Making Adjustments

Message Title: Experiencing God Through The Restoration of Lost Years   Message Truth: God has a way of restoring lost blessings despite lost years.  Message Text:

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