Experiencing God By Faith

Message Title: Experiencing God by Faith 

Message Text: Acts 16:16-32 

Message Truth: Biblical faith leads to a total salvation. 


“Believepisteuson (receiving truth that translates to absolute confidence and trust, complete surrender leading to heartfelt obedience) 

Inepi – to lay upon the subject. 

Theton (definite article) this word makes a distinction  

Lordkurios (Master / Boss / supreme controller) 

Jesus ChristChriston – anointed one – “rubbed on” – separation unto God, authorization unto, God divine enablement, coming deliverer.  

And you will be savedsothese, sozo (to rescue, keep safe and make well and whole) 


Are You Hungry? (John 6:28-35) 

1.How do we satisfy God? (v.28) 

2.Believe on the one He sent. (v.29) 

3.We need more proof. Give us bread every day like Moses did. (vv.30-31) 

  1. I am THE bread. (v.32-35)


Important Takeaway: Paul and Silas were able to have sustained faith in the trouble because they had true saving faith in the beginning. 

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