Unlimited Ministry


Vincent First Baptist Church’s Unlimited Ministry is our church family’s effort to worship and serve alongside families who have special needs. We believe the Bible clearly teaches that every person is important and deserves to experience the fellowship and encouragement of a local congregation. We believe that every person needs to learn about God’s plan for their life. Every person should know that they are loved just as they are, and we will do our best to guide them to a saving faith in Jesus.

We are growing in how we include families who have special needs. Please let us know, ahead of time if at all possible, how we may accommodate your needs. We want you to worship and grow with us. Call our Church Office at 205-672-2512 from 9-2 PM each weekday to set up an appointment with a Special Needs Volunteer for a tour and short interview. You will be given forms to fill out and bring with you when the person with special needs attends.

We are committed to doing as much as we can to accommodate each child’s needs. We have a new self-contained children’s classroom, which includes a calming area as well as space for various sensory experiences. We share about God and Jesus every time we meet. As our volunteers gain experience with our children in this classroom, we are working toward being able to provide a Buddy for a child who is able, with some extra help, to be included in their peer group in Sunday School and Children’s Church. There is an accessible bathroom with a standard changing table next door to the Unlimited classroom and a private area on the same hall for diapering larger children.


You will find accessible parking on the Playground side of the sanctuary. There is a ramp going to the sanctuary vestibule and a small ramp at the door leading to the front of the sanctuary, accessible restrooms, and adult classrooms. This parking lot gives you accessible access to all parts of the building except the downstairs Fellowship Hall. There are accessible parking spaces outside the Fellowship Hall near the kitchen door. There is an accessible bathroom on this level.


Before the Sunday church service there will be Greeters in the vestibule to offer any assistance or direction you need. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

There are shortened pews in the front of the sanctuary designed to leave space for a wheelchair or similar equipment. If you prefer to sit in the pews, we will be glad to move any equipment out of the aisles and store it in the vestibule. This is for everyone’s safety.

There are accessible bathrooms in the hallway behind the choir loft. Service animals are welcome in the sanctuary and the main hallways. Service animals will not be allowed past the double doors in the Children’s Wing until an intake meeting between the parents or guardians of a special needs child and a Special Needs volunteer has taken place, with appropriate forms completed.


The children participate in Kids for Truth, a great Bible oriented program, and a lite supper is provided each week. There is a group for younger and another for older children. The youth meet at the Youth House for a similar program on their age level.

We do not at this time have any arrangements made for a child with Special Needs on Wednesdays, but again – we are open to modifying as needed. Please contact us, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your child.



Have Questions?

Our Office is open Monday - Friday from 9am - 2pm. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the church.

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