A Hard Truth is Better than a Beautiful Lie

Principle #1- God is always at work around you. 

Principle #2 – God Pursues a love relationship that is real and personal. 

Message Title: A Hard Truth is Better than a Beautiful Lie 

Message Truth: David was a man after Gods own heart because he cared more for God’s Glory than his own personal safety and reputation.

Message Text: Psalm 27 

  • David was herding Sheep in the fields (age16) – 1 Samuel 17 
  • David was in the battlefield defeating Goliath – 1 Samuel 17 
  • David was in the caves of Adullam hiding from Saul – 1 Samuel 22 
  • David was in Ziklag facing a leadership crisis – 1 Samuel 30 
  • David went to Hebron and recognized as king only by tribe of Judah (30 years old)- 2 Samuel 5 
  • David finally recognized as King over all Israel in Jerusalem after 7.5 years – 2 Samuel 5 


How do you sustain strength and joy during these times? 

1.A real love relationship with God believes Him. 

                                                                 Theology precedes discipleship. 

2.A real love relationship with God seeks God. 

                                                                What we feed grows, what we starve dies. 

3.A real love relationship with God fights. 

                                                             “Fight the good fight of faith” 1 Timtohy 6:12 

Providence – God’s fascinating and unguessable way of working out matters for the good of his people. 

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