Jesus in Our Image

Message Title: Jesus in Our Image 

Message Truth: Life changes when we stop following the God we want and to start following the God who IS. 

Message Text: Matthew 21:1-11– “Hosanna” means “save now”. 


In summary, the crowd’s cry of “Crucify him!” regarding Jesus can be attributed to several factors: 

  1. Religious Leaders’ Influence: The religious leaders, particularly the chief priests and Pharisees, strongly opposed Jesus because they perceived him as a threat to their authority and religious traditions. 


     2. Fear and Political Pressure: Some members of the crowd may have been influenced by political pressure from the Roman authorities. They may have feared that Jesus’ popularity and teachings could lead to unrest and a Roman crackdown on the Jewish community. 


     3. Misunderstanding of Jesus’ Mission: Many people in the crowd had different expectations of the Messiah. Some expected a political or military leader who would free them from Roman oppression, while Jesus’ mission was primarily spiritual and focused on the kingdom of God. This misunderstanding may have contributed to the crowd’s disappointment and anger. The people embraced Jesus because they wanted a 2nd Moses- 2nd Exodus (from Egypt and now from Rome)  


I am the way the truth and the life” John 14:6 

People believe the truth of Jesus but refuse to follow the way of Jesus and never have the abundant life of Jesus. 

1.Truth- Many give and assent to the information as true. (Demonic Faith) 

2.Way- Only a few will embrace the way of Jesus (Discipleship, Apprentice, Follower) 

3.Life- Only when the truth of Jesus and the way of Jesus is embraced will you experience the abundant life Jesus offers. 

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