Jesus is Your Way

Principle #1 – God is always at work around you. 

Message Title: Jesus is Your Way 

Message Truth: As you follow God one day at a time, He will keep you in the center of His will.    

Message Text: Genesis 12:1-9, Matthew 6:33 

“If you ask the wrong question, you get the wrong answer.” 

Not: What is God will for my life? 

Ask: What is God’s Will? 

  • Saved – Surrender your life to Jesus and be born again. 
  • Sanctified– Become more and more like Jesus. 
  • Serving– Do what God has ordained you to do to advance His Kingdom 


4 Categories of God’s Will 

  • Sovereign (Predetermined) Will – Something man cannot stop. Example, the death and resurrection of Jesus. 
  • God’s Moral or Desired Will – The Bible, God’s Word, Scriptures (Written Will) 
  • God’s Circumstantial Will – When we fail to live up to God’s standard, He wants us to know how to respond. 
  • God’s Immediate Will – This is what God wants us to do in our current situation. 


Abraham (Genesis 12:1-9) 

1.Abraham had to trust God one day at a time (v.1-3) 

Notice in verses 1-3 “I will” Or “you will” If it’s all about you it’s up to you. 

2.God did this because it’s about relationship not a formula- the goal is Him not a place. (vv.1-3) 

3.Abraham sinned just like us but got the opportunity to get back in the river. (vv.4-6) 

4.He traveled in stages to Negev. (vv.7-9) 

Genesis 12:9 – At each stage Abraham pitched a tent and built and alter. 

  • Tent – The tent meant that Abraham did not belong to this world. 
  • Alter – The alter meant God was Abraham’s source- worship. 


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