Weekly Bulletin

Order of Service

         Prelude                                              Instrumental                                      Pianist

       Call to Worship Hymn #393       “The Family of God”

        Welcome                                                                                                                Bro. Robbie Weems

        Hymn #68                                 “Holy, Holy, Holy”  

        Prayer                                                                                                                      Bro. Robbie Weems 

       Hymn #101             “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”

        Hymn #339                         “Standing on the Promises”

        Offertory Hymn #573    “Heaven Came Down”   

        Offertory Prayer

         Offertory                                          Instrumental                                       Pianist

        Special Music Hymn                “Living Hope”                                        Choir & Kids

         Message                                 “Greatest War Ever Fought”                  Bro. Robbie Weems                                                                  Scripture: Luke 10

        Invitation Hymn#428          “Speak to My Heart”

        Closing Prayer

         Postlude                                                                                                                  Pianist

About Our Church

Bro. Robbie Weems, Pastor                                                  Jeff Chick, Minister of Music    

Kyle Culver, Pianist                                                                 Wyndy Weems, Outreach Leader   

Jessica Malone, Youth Minister                                          Chelsea Latimer, Admin. Assistant


Judy Greene                    10/29

Chelsea Latimer              11/1

JoeAnn Hamby                11/3    

Announcements & Events

Fall Festival-October 29th 4-6PM 

We’re collecting candy donations for the Fall Festival- Bins for candy donations will be by the office & sanctuary doors.

Celebrate Recovery Thursdays 6-8:30 PM

Unlimited Ministry – we are growing in how we include families who have special needs. Please let us know ahead of time how we may accommodate your needs. We want you to worship and grow with us.


Need Prayer?

Post prayer requests and praise online, or request time with staff.



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