The Greatest Goal in the World

Message Title: The Greatest Goal in the World

Message Text: Mark 12:13-17

Message Truth: We were created to reflect (resemble) God, not rival Him.


1.(13-15a) The Pharisees Try to Trap Jesus with a Question about Taxes.

2.(15b-17) Jesus Answers the Question About Taxes.

Jesus’ answer tells us that Caesar does not have all authority; there are some things that should be rendered to God alone.

And they marveled at Him: They marveled, but they did not change. In fact, they twisted this wise answer of Jesus into a lying accusation against Him. In Luke 23:2, they accused Jesus of forbidding to pay taxes to Caesar – when He actually said just the opposite. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good an answer you give; some people will still twist your good words. They did this to Jesus, yet God’s truth prevailed. “In the answer of Jesus, God was glorified, Caesar was satisfied, the people were edified, and His critics were stupefied.”

The Image of God in Us!

Being made in the image of God means we have worth, value and purpose.  We were created to reflect certain attributes of God.  An attribute is something true about God.  We function best when we live by God’s good design.

We Reflect God By:

1.Loving God and Others

2.Growing in Holiness

3.Growing in Knowledge

4.Serving Others

Because of sin, this image was…

  • It was defaced but not erased.
  • It was tarnished but not taken away. 
  • It was vandalized but not vanquished.
  • It was damaged but not destroyed.

We Rival By:

1.Trying to control (power) others and all situations- All Powerful (Omnipotent)

2.Trying to Know Everything – God is All Knowing (Omniscient)

3.Make Decisions for Others – (All Wise) (Omnipresent)

4.Be Our Main Provider – (Owns Everything)

5.Fixing Ourselves by Being Good (God is the Sanctifier) “Fixer”

Message Application: Quit trying to be God and let God be God in your life.


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